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Does sitting at your desk for hours leave you feeling stressed, tired and uncomfortable? Us too. You’re dying for a cappuccino/chocolate/sugary snack… anything to get you through the afternoon. However, health experts say there’s a better way to get the energy boost you’re after – yoga.

Here are five ways yoga can help you at work:

1. It helps you focus

Yoga is all about breathing. Deep inhalations and slow exhalations bring you to your centre, helping you re-focus on that task you have been avoiding all morning.

2. It helps improve your relationships with coworkers

Just ten minutes of yoga will leave you feeling balanced and calm, improving your ability to bond with those around you. Colleagues who do yoga together stay together.

3. It helps you see the big picture

When you’re attached to your desk all day, minor frustrations seem to blow into full-scale life dramas more quickly than usual. A short yoga break will calm your senses and bring you back to reality.

4. It helps with work-life balance

When you’re at work you make time to eat, use the bathroom, chat with your coworkers and check your social media. Your workday should be broken for maximum productivity. Dedicate a small portion of your workday to yoga and maintain a happy balance.

5. It reduces stress

It’s well known yoga reduces stress. So next time you’re freaking out at work find a quiet place, breathe gently from your stomach and practice a couple of you’re favourite poses. You’ll feel energised, revived and ready to take on whatever work throws at you next.

Has yoga helped you manage stress? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Until next time, VK Life.