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Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to review our Terms and Conditions. We have created these provisions, which we believe are fair to our clients and fair to VK Life.

Length of contract

The booking is made between VK Life and the client for 16, 24 or 48 weeks.


Company Pays: Monthly payments invoiced in advance. Payment via bank transfer or credit card.

Individual Pays: Payment in advance prior to commencement via bank transfer or credit card.

Contract termination

Four weeks notice in writing required.

Contract extension

We will contact you three weeks prior to the finish of the contracted period to see if you wish to book for a further 16, 24 or 48 weeks.

Rescheduling and cancellations

We understand that occasionally a class may need to be rescheduled. If this is the case, at least 72 hours notice is required. Cancellation with less than 72 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Refund Policy

Sessions are non-refundable and are not transferable to another individual and CANNOT be extended unless you are injured, in which case we will request a medical certificate. Extensions due to medical reasons must be requested before the expiry date.

Health information

VK Life will provide you with a safe and appropriate class. Upon booking, employers will be provided with health information forms that must be completed by the participants detailing any relevant medical information that may impact on their ability to participate in a class. These forms must be returned one week prior to the first class commencing. All health information is stored in accordance with the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act.

By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the enclosed information please contact Victoria on 0412 896 606 or at