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What to Expect

Pilates & Yoga is a non-competitive activity and places no undue pressure on kids, making this appropriate for all fitness levels and also a welcome alternative or support to competitive sports.

Yoga for Kids – Suitable for children aged 5-11

Yoga is a fun, engaging and non-competitive activity, allowing kids to develop a greater sense of body awareness, focus, relaxation and mindfulness. Kids will be introduced to the exploration of postures through the use of storytelling, games and more.

Yoga for Teens – Suitable for Teenagers 12 years +

In these classes developed specifically for developing minds and bodies teens will learn how Yoga can nourish the body, build confidence, improve posture and strength. Mindful movement and breathing techniques will help regulate stress which is an increasing problem seen in our youth today. We aim to increase physical competencies that will give teens an edge in their sport and the ability to minimise and recover from injuries.

Pilates for Teens – Suitable for Teenagers 12 years +

With a focus on core stability, coordination, flexibility, strength and mobility, Pilates also cultivates an internal awareness which leads to better posture and confidence. Specific exercises focus on developing endurance and strength of the core and improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility. This will aid injury recovery, sports performance, good posture and optimal health.